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Hi dudes!!! My name’s Lucy Blakiston, but you can just call me Luce. I’m 21, I can’t relax & my favourite emotion is relief.


Laughing, Andy Samberg & coffee.


Snoring, wisdom teeth, milk.

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I’m Liv Mercer,
at this moment I am 21 years old, and I’m aspiring to aspire to something.

I LOVE these things:
– self help books (lol)
– aesthetically pleasing branding
– cutting up pineapples, I’m really good at it

But I HATE these things:
plank in and outs
– tinnitus
– clothes shrinking in the wash

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Hey lil shits, I’m Ruby. I am a 21 year old student, a mega foodie, and I get a little bit too excited over anything that barks and has a tail.

Three things I love:
– Sunflowers
– Pimple popping

Three things I hate:
– FEET!!!
– Lasagne
– my student loan

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