Shit you should care about… Broods’ “Peach,” and why it’s okay to be just okay.

Holy shit. When I heard that Broods (AKA Georgia and Caleb Nott), were releasing “Peach,” the first single from their upcoming album, I could not WAIT to take a big ol’ bite out of it. There I was, desperately hoping (but confidently knowing) that when I listened to it, I’d be left feeling all sweet and fuzzy and mushy – kinda like a fruit, but I can’t quite put my finger on which one.

And damn, “Peach” was just as juicy as I expected.

If you haven’t yet graced your ears with the single then you can give a listen here, and I suggest that you have it playing on repeat for the duration of this piece – let’s get vibey.

Ever since my Spotify “Discover Weekly” playlist delivered us those first haunting lines of “Bridges” in 2014, Rubes, Liv and I have been hooked on Broods, so it seems only natural that I begin this piece with a quick run-down about our relationship with them.

Gig one 

Year: 2014

Ticket Price: $15

Location: Nelson (their hometown)

Iconic moments:

  1. Sneaking in a pre-concert carbo load, we hit up the Nelson ‘Lone Star’ for dinner, but they totally fucked up our meals and gave us a mad discount before the show which we STILL talk about to this day coz we LOVE free stuff

  2. We left the concert screaming to each other “THAT was the BEST concert I’ve ever been to in my LIFE!!!”

Gig two 

Year: 2015

Ticket Price: $60

Location: Christchurch

Iconic moments:

  1. We literally had FRONT row seats, (unnecessary as they were, because we spent the entire night up at the barrier)

  2. BUT we stupidly followed up that killer experience by going to one of my older bros’ uni flat parties where we drunk WAY too much, my handbag and wallet got stolen, Liv’s phone got stolen, Rubes face planted at a bus stop (and then again in the morning on the carpet), we pee’d in the Ilam fields, and we spent the whole next morning at the police station filing reports on all our missing items (all of which we never got back.) But, amongst all the commotion, we still had time to mutter to each other (shamefully might I add) “THAT was the BEST concert I’ve ever been to in my LIFE!!!”

Gig three 

Year: 2016

Ticket: $80

Location: Wellington

Iconic moments:

  1. Let’s just say, where the crowd fell short on lyric memorisation, we certainly made up for it. The ground work we put in before the concert which consisted of playing Conscious on repeat with ‘‘ lyrics up on our laptops, definitely paid off, as we sung our way into our superfan moment. Picture this: “Bedroom Door” had just finished (rudely abruptly FYI), and the room went silent as everyone was taking in the magic of such a song. Liv and I, who definitely missed that cue, continued to sing: “so shut up the bedroom door, and shut out the world some mooooooore” at the top of our lungs. Georgia laughed, and so did our friends, but we certainly wished we could shut the bedroom door on our lives for a little while after that.

  2. Nonetheless to this day, “THAT was the BEST concert I’ve ever been to in my LIFE!!!”

So yeah. You get it, we love Broods as much as I love puns.

Now let me sink my teeth into “Peach.”

As soon as I heard it, everything about the song resonated with me. Firstly, as a girl who has lived her life relatively free of heartbreak (due to the fact that I’ve lived my life relatively free of relationships), I struggle to relate to about 90% of the songs that formulate my Spotify playlists. But not this time, “Peach” was different.

The music itself is a beautiful amalgam of highs and lows, as are the lyrics, and as is my life (yours too no doubt.) Burgeoning from a super chill ‘ballad-esque’ first verse into a chorus that explodes into a high-pitched Georgia preaching, “I’m high, and I’m low, no control, but everything’s looking peach now,” absolutely SHOOK ME. Like YES I know what its like to be high and YES I know what it’s like to be low, but I also know what it’s like to be in that interim state where you just feel okay and it’s SO, ahhh, what’s the word? Idk, it’s something to do with fruit – I’m sure it will come to me.

“[Peach] is about just celebrating being good. When you just feel really fine. Not over the top good, or really low,” – Caleb Nott

Both Caleb and Georgia have talked candidly in interviews about struggling with anxiety and depression, and the tell-all lyrics reflect those conversations in a way that totally does it justice. No over-dramatization, no cringey “light at the end of the tunnel” metaphors that don’t actually make anyone feel anything at all – just some good, solid, words.

But as good as the rest of the song is, the moment I knew I was going to write about it was when I heard the bridge. I’m often dubious when it comes to a bridge – for me it can go one of two ways. It can regurgitate the same cliché’s and chord progressions that infect a lot of top-40 music, or it can round out a song in a way that leaves you with a feeling in your tummy like you’ve just been out for a beautiful meal and NOT over-eaten, (rare moments I know, but such dreamy ones.) “Peach’s” bridge was the latter.

I know it’s hard to see me down

I cry and cry upon the ground

A simple price I pay for all the love I feel when I’m okay

Even just copying and pasting these lyrics onto my word document makes me want to disappear into a pool of my own tears. These just might be the most #relatable lyrics I’ve ever heard.

I literally want these words printed onto a t-shirt/tattooed onto my forehead as a reminder to myself and to everyone who crosses my path, that sometimes you just have to go through the bullshit to get to the good shit (oh look, here I am using a cringey expression – I guess Broods won’t be hiring me as a songwriter anytime soon.) I’m sure we’ve all had our moments where we’ve unintentionally coerced our loved ones to help us through our worst times, but do ya know what? That’s just the price we have to pay, for all the love we feel when we’re okay!!!!!

My last condition of a good song is that it should make you reflect. For me, I’ve realised that life is so much better when you are completely contempt with feeling fine. So today I ain’t high, and I ain’t low. But I’m okay.  And I’m so fucking okay with just being okay.


Don’t just relish in those moments where you’re feeling high.

Don’t just dwell on the times that you’re feeling low.

Put on some music (peach maybe?), grab something to eat (a peach maybe?)…

…and embrace the hell out of the moments when you’re feeling just okay (peachy, maybe.)

Luce xxx