Here at SYSCA, we want to counter the endless amounts of shit chat plaguing the planet and cut to the good shit. To do this, we're picking the inner corners of the brains of some cool people doing cool shit, and there sure are plenty of them. And this our friends, is our interview series, “Shit Chat.”

The raddest and most rewarding aspect that reiterates exactly why we started our blog in the first place has been the creation of connections with the coolest brands and individuals. I am now constantly on the lookout for people who are pushing the boundaries by doing cool shit, to share them with YOU. When my university held a market day I was lured in by an unassuming stall boasting the most gorgeous jewellery, but what sealed the deal was when I learnt about the empowering ethos behind it.

Dripped with Honey is the pure embodiment of a brand we fucking dig here at SYSCA. Not only are they local and donate a portion of their profits to charity, but the creator Ali is an absolute boss lady. Anyone who can balance studying med while creating their own brand deserves a bloody medal. Not to mention her jewellery speaks for itself. Her pieces are loud and colourful and definitely deserve a place in your collection.

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Browse and buy her jewellery here.

Ali is an inspiring character whose creativity is making an incredible impact. I couldn’t be more happy to bring you her story for our latest Shit Chat.

Dripped with Honey, About the Maker:

I’m Ali, a medical student living in the bustling capital of Aotearoa. Though I spend most of my time on the hospital floor or buried in a textbook, I make space to create. When I wear my pieces I know I’m adding a dash of passion and confidence to a sometimes grey day.

Time and again, womxn are told that we must be sweetened to be effective but I’m not much of a believer in sugar-coating anything. My method is to be gentle but powerful; kind but fierce.

Womxnkind is reclaiming its voice. Together, we can bring a kind of change that is unapologetic, loud, and contagious. Step out & stand up.

Ten percent of all Dripped with Honey’s profits will go towards Shakti International, a non-profit organisation led by ethnic women for ethnic women of Asian, African, and Middle Eastern origin. Shakti fights for justice for women of colour, and supports them through the struggles of migration.

May wearing Dripped with Honey encourage you to embrace your voice. You do not have to dumb yourself down, or sweeten yourself.  This world needs change and you can be one of the many people to bring it.

“I am not free while any woman is unfree, even when her shackles are very different from my own.”  -Audre Lorde

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Now that we have gotten to know Ali and Dripped with Honey a little better lets get into the Shit Chat…

SYSCA: What shit do you care about right now?

Global health and immigration. I grew up in Thailand from age 3 to 18. My parents are relief and development workers with Burmese refugees. Now I am a fourth year medical student. My vision for medicine extends so much further than New Zealand’s borders, but also includes all those who come to NZ from afar. I really think that the lives of immigrants to NZ, specifically people of colour, are not given enough attention. Filipinos, Indians, Ethiopians, Iraqis. Why don’t we care more??? And that the lives of those in countries we consider “poor” in the West go so unnoticed. Just look at the attacks in Sri Lanka. As a Pakeha myself, I’m always learning about the ways I perpetuate a “white focus”. There are huge problems in how we treat people of different ethnicities and religions. It all starts with looking at the ways we contribute to the problem.

SYSCA: If you could nominate one person from your Instagram feed to replace Trump, who would it be and why?

@nowhitesaviors. They are Ugandan activists  who I’d love to watch reprogram the system.

SYSCA: What’s the point of what you’re doing, what legacy do you want to leave on the world?

The reason that part of Dripped With Honey’s profits go towards Shaktinz is because I wanted any passion of mine to have purpose. I have met so many inspiring people connected to Shakti and admire their commitments to migrant women very deeply.

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SYSCA: The world is a pretty dark place right now, since superheroes don’t exist what do you think is going to save the world?

We need to have hard conversations with ourselves about why we feel uncomfortable with people who look different to us. This includes sexuality differences, religious, racial, age, wealth, housing, and disability differences! See how similar your six closest friends are with you in those areas. We are comfortable with familiarity. Get uncomfortable regularly.

SYSCA: Who do you think we should have our next shit chat with, and why?

@shannoncouper. On all things sex, consent, culture, and decolonisation.She is an old friend who grew up in China and is infinitely interesting.

Thanks to Ali for contributing to our latest Shit Chat segment. Keep up to date with everything Dripped with Honey here and buy the beautiful earrings here.