Internalising things alone isn’t good for the mind, especially not when you’re thrust into un-chartered territory. This new series is going to take you through my journey as an international intern in Medellin, Colombia - and how I internalise all the new experiences thrown my way. So, grab a good cup of coffee, open up a “how to write a good CV” tab, and PLEASE join me in “internalising” how to function in the ‘real world.’

In our parent’s generation, you could leave school at 16, get a job, and work your way into a solid career - no dramas. Then something changed.

Suddenly, you were encouraged to do that dreaded thing called “further study.” But that was okay, because it was paid for by the government, and if you went to varsity (uni for us youngins), you could finish your bachelor's, and enjoy a swift transition into a more “high end job” with a comfortable salary.

But, as is typical with this wack world, things have changed once again. Now “further study” is not enough. Now, you finish high school, go to university, get a degree, and interview for 100 different jobs only to hear “you need more experience,” or “what sets you apart from the million other grads out there with the same degree?”

And if you’re like me, you probably want to stick it to the man in the face of these questions.

But how?????

Unfortunately, there is no just-add-water solution. My solution was to go off and actually get some experience.

What’s so unfortunate about getting some experience?

Well, doing so often means working as an unpaid intern for a while.

So now I’m one of them. Welcome. You are invited to witness me attempt to internalise all the new, exciting, and scary situations that I’m sure I’ll get myself into.

Shit You Should Care About… “Internalising.”

On the fourth of May I packed my belongings and headed across the world to Medellín, Colombia, to start an internship (sending BIG LOVE to the team at the PMSLA who deemed me worthy of this). Now, I understand that my circumstances are not exactly “#relatable,” but I promise my experiences with the first day of work, and having to adjust to a new culture (and new flatmates) are universal.

The view from my office at WeWork, Medellín.

The view from my office at WeWork, Medellín.

In this series, I’m going to take you through the things that I’m internalising while battling through this 3 month internship. I’ll introduce you to my business, Fractal, and chat about the ups, the downs, the things I love, and the things I’m finding difficult about this new life, whilst throwing in some (probably funny) anecdotes about my time here.

We all know that internalising things alone isn’t good for the mind. So please join me on this journey as I try to navigate the real world and have fun doing so (even if I’m doing it for free).

The things we do just to get a job, right?

Luce xx