Shit you should care about… This Blog.

Look, if you’ve made it this far then obviously you’re interested in giving a shit about stuff, but you either:

  • Don’t have time

  • Don’t know what to care about

  • Aren’t really sure how you got here and are genuinely confused rn  (lol @me 24/7)

But none of that matters anymore, coz you’re here…

…and I’m pretty f#cking psyched about it.

So lemme start with a lil bit about me. I’m gluten and dairy free, so I know FIRST HAND that the world isn’t fair – but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t care about it.

I’m also realllllly good at being obsessed with things. It started with One Direction, resulting in a twitter account that racked up 70k followers (you can find it here.)

These days I’m more obsessed with the news, with being right ALL THE TIME (a classic ENTP, am I right?), and Noah Centineo and/or the Dolan Twins (whoever falls in love with me first really.)

But that’s enough about me and my obsessions, because we are here to talk about YOUR new obsession:

This website is for all of you that know, deep down, in your heartest of hearts, that there is a LOT of shit going on in the world that you should care about, whether it’s the Rohingya crisis (if you don’t know what this is, stay tuned), how to get over post-love-island depression, or how to look after yourself like a normal semi-adult human – I’m still working on this one.

In the age of the ADD generation (that’s us!), (go us!), where no one has time (or makes time) to know about or care about all the shit that they really should know about or care about, we are here to be the answer to all your prayers with our one stop pop-culture/current events/world crises/personal crises shop. So best y’all get buying.

You might be thinking, why is Lucy so confident about this? How does she know that you’re gonna give a shit about what we have to say?

Because I am you.

My two gorgeous co-founders/ best friends/ food lovers/ 20-something-year-olds-with-no-idea-whats-coming-next-for-them are also you.

Between the three of us and our totally limited knowledge but totally unlimited passion we are gonna bring to you curated, up-to-the-minute, often hilarious and always important stories about all the shit you should probably be caring about.

To put it bluntly, is gonna make you a better person.

But, if that isn’t enough to persuade you to read on (& why would it be because we are all so SELF OBSESSED these days), then I assure you that if you stay tuned:

  • Your crush will slide into your dms

  • Your skin will clear up

  • & you’ll get straight A’s

Happy reading lil shits,

Luce xxx