Today we have a guest piece from the eco-queen and no-waste guru Emma! Emma has kindly written all about how you can reduce your waste (something we all need to do - and ASAP), and given us handy tips and routines, proving that going plastic free is not only possible, but easy.

Shit You Should Care About…. Going Plastic Free.

Ok, we all know about climate change, and all the awful things that we, as humans have done to our planet.

Thinking about this leaves me feeling sad and disheartened, and if you feel the same way - I’m here to help!

Luckily for us, there are some things we can do that will have a positive effect on our planet. And even if these things feel small to you, imagine the impact they would have if everyone started doing them.

One of the things we can do, is go plastic free.

Image by Darling Magazine.

Image by Darling Magazine.

 The key to turning your life sustainable or plastic free is starting small and slow. Begin with one area you would like to change, like your beauty products, food storage or how you take food on the go, and slowly swap out items for low waste alternatives.

Your beauty regime

Here’s how you can minimise plastic in your everyday beauty routine. You might start with solid shampoo, then once you’re used to that, try conditioner bars, then face wash bars, then switching a plastic toothbrush to a bamboo one – and voila! – your morning routine is plastic free!

Eating out with zero waste

If reducing plastic waste with food is your goal, start with a little on the go utensil kit that has a knife, fork, straw and spoon so you don’t have to use plastic cutlery or straws when you’re out. Then move on to keeping a tupperware container in the bottom of your bag or in your car for the days you want to eat out, so you can ask to have your food in that, rather than in a single use plastic container.

Other ways you can help

Once you’ve mastered the smaller things  you can begin looking for other ways to lower your footprint. That might be by walking to uni or work once a week, setting up a compost bin for the flat (check out compost services who can pick up your compost below), buying more clothes from Op shops, having more vegetarian meals or buying more of your weekly shop from a local farmers market.


Here are some easy steps to a more sustainable life:

1.     Get a good quality plastic free water bottle to bring with you wherever.

2.     Have an on-the-go cutlery set to pop in your bag.

3.     Leave reusable shopping and produce bags in your car.

4.     Buy a bamboo toothbrush.

5.     Try to buy things in the largest size and look for less packaged alternatives. The smaller the product the higher the packaging to item ratio.

Below is a list of websites where you can buy low waste alternatives. It isn’t exhaustive and the products that I haven’t used I have heard brilliant things about from friends.

So guys, I hope this helps and please send me an email at, or a message on facebook if you have any questions, queries or wonderings!

Emma x


Plastic free beauty products:

Plastic free shopping:


Glad wrap alternatives:

Food to go:

Water bottles:

General sustainable products:

Some compost services:

Banner Image by Darling Magazine