With less rules and regulations than other media platforms, Podcasts are quickly becoming our generation’s favourite way to learn about our weird, wonderful and terrifying world. 

The beauty of a podcast is that it allows us to cut through the mirage of aesthetics and get straight to the guts of the content we came to consume (all with seriously limited effort on our behalf) and I LOVE it.

They’ve given people the freedom to say whatever the fuck they want, to an audience that actually gives a shit. Whether you’re wanting to learn a new skill, preparing for a big change in your life, or even having trouble falling asleep, there’s a podcast out there to fulfil your needs.

I would call myself a Podcast addict. I learn about fitness and nutrition while I’m cooking dinner, get my daily news fix while mopping the floors at work, and catch up on the latest pop-culture gossip while buying my fruit and veggies. I love the platform’s ability to give an intimate insight into the lives of people that I would never usually hear about, all without the script/regulations/editing of mainstream media companies. 

With Podcasts, our favourite celebrities’, journalist’s and influencer’s minds are no longer a vague, ambiguous question mark, but many of their opinions, thoughts and stories can now be communicated candidly on their own terms. 

This only issue with a thriving platform like this is - where the fuck do you start? 

So to help y’all out I’ve put together a list of both my favourite, and our audience’s tried and tested podcasts so you always have something worth-while to listen to next. 

Shit You Should Care About… The SYSCA Listening List

Pandora and Dolly from The High-Low, Sourced from @pinterest

Pandora and Dolly from The High-Low, Sourced from @pinterest

My Recommendations:


  • Deliciously Ella 

After suffering from an Auto-immune disease which saw her barely being able to get out of bed, Ella Mils turned to food and nutrition to get her life back. After a successful plant-based recipe blog, along side multiple stores, food-lines and book deals, Ella and her husband Matt have turned to Podcasting to not only discuss health and nutrition, but also mental health and business ideas with a range of interesting guests. This podcast is relaxing and reassuring, especially when in the mood for a little life motivation. 

  • The Health Code 

The Health Code was started by Fitness YouTuber ‘Sarah’s day’ and her boyfriend Kurt. Great for fitness and health inspiration and ideas, as they are VERY into the old active lifestyle. 

  • Well and Good 

This is Art and Matilda’s podcast. I’ve only listened to a few episodes, their focus is on general wellbeing, so if you're looking for any mental health, or physical health info this could be the podcast for you. 

  • Grazia’s Life Advice 

Here are a series of interviews of highly successful women in which they share the best pieces of advice they have been given during their careers/life. Again, I’ve only listened to a few, but enjoyed the Dolly Alderton and Jo Malone episodes. 


  • The Daily 

Hosted by Michael Barbaro, this New York Times powered podcast is a 20 minute rundown of one important topic from the daily News Cycle. Some of the content is pretty heavy but it is an amazing way to keep up with what is happening around us and the hardships people in the world are facing right now. A lot of international relations/politics/a lot of other important shit. 

  • Shameless 

Definitely one of my favourite podcasts right now. It is hosted by Zara McDonald and Michelle Andrews, two Australian journalists, who talk about pop-culture in an intelligent and relevant way. They market it as a podcast for ‘smart women who love dumb stuff’. Would definitely recommend listening to the way they pick apart current pop-culture and the huge influence if has on western life. 

  • The HighLow 

Literally my OG podcast. Kind of like a more-up market, English version of Shameless, with journalists Dolly Alderton and Pandora Sykes bringing the English banter. Another absolute favourite and the best place to find reading recommendations. 

  • The Joe Rogan Experience 

One of the most diverse and interesting podcasts I’ve come across. It’s hosted by American comedian/actor/television presenter Joe Rogan, who mainly interviews health professionals, celebrities, and anyone else that knows a lot about one particular topic. Really interesting conversations about depression and anxiety with a range of different doctors and practitioners, as well as a huge variety of political topics such as artificial intelligence, drug use and global warming. If you want to hear some freaky stuff I would 100% recommend. 


  • Girls Gotta Eat 

This podcast discusses the dating scene in New York with two comedians who have A LOT of experience in this area of life. They leave NOTHING out and have the wildest stories, so quite good for living vicariously through their loose nights, mistakes and dating successes. Their guests range from C-list celebs to relationship psychologists which keeps the show interesting. 

  • Girls on Top 

Literally the definition of a girly chat with three kiwi gals Brodie Kane, Gracie Taylor and Caitlin Marett. Their structure (or lack of) allows them to cover anything going on in their lives/hot topics of that week. 


  • Gurls Talk 

Activist/model Adwoa Aboah created an online platform called “Gurls Talk” in order to allow young women to discuss issues surrounding mental health, body image and sexuality. Each week she brings in a guest to talk about their experiences surrounding these topics and the way in which they have dealt with the challenges they’ve faced. LOVED the episode with Emma Mackey and Aimee Lou woods from “Sex Education”. 

  • Adulting

As the title may give away, “Adulting” is a girl in her mid twenties trying to figure out what the fuck it means to be an adult and when the hell we are meant to grow up. Hosted by Oenone Forbat, conversations with guests are formulated to discuss what it means to be a young person in an ever changing world. 

  • Nobody Panic 

Each episode is titled “How to _____”. It’s basically a great big life advice session, from how to become more organised, to how to move countries. Quite helpful when you do not have a clue what you are doing in your life. 

  • Human City

    Hey dudes, it’s Luce jumping in with a rec here. This podcast is about Urban Planning and its effect on our lives. Our happiness and our livelihood are directly dependent on our surroundings - and it’s something we need to explore. A super interesting and niche concept, this podcast truly opens your eyes (and ears) to the world around us AND as a shameless plug, I feature on the latest episode. So if you want to hear me talking some shit, you can listen to it here:

The gals from “Girls on Top” , Sourced from @brodiejeankane

The gals from “Girls on Top” , Sourced from @brodiejeankane

YOUR Podcast Recommendations:

We asked you guys what you loved to listen to, and you gave us HEAPS of great ideas for what to go to next!

  • On Being 

  • Just a Tip

  • The Power Hour 

  • Stuff You Should Know

  • JRE

  • Your Mom’s House

  • Views 

  • The One you Feed 

  • The West Wing Weekly 

  • The Baby-Sitter’s Club 

  • Beef and Dairy Network

  • Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert 

  • Big Magic 

  • Popcorn Psychology 

  • Pod Save America 

  • Don’t Blame Me

  • Uncover

  • My Favourite Murderer 

  • Pretty Basic 

  • The Self Love Club 

  • Girlboss Radio 

  • The Guilty Feminist 

  • Switched on Pop 

  • Psychobabble 

  • Desert Island Discs

  • Tiny Meat Gang 

  • The Adam and Symon Show 

  • Hamish and Andy 

  • Mile Higher 

  • Bhuja 

Happy listening!!!!!!!!

Liv xx