Shit You Should Care About… Reading the News.

***News flash*** reading the news is important. It’s important because most of it isn’t fictional, meaning that this stuff is really happening and thanks to globalisation, will probably affect you and me in one way or another. It’s also important because no one wants to be that person at quiz night with no idea about what’s going on with current events. 

But making time and getting the motivation to decipher it is hard. Here’s how I do it:

Apps/Websites that I save to my home screen:

BBC News: I start here. Most of the time I only read the headlines, or the first page of the news, unless something really jumps out at me. It’s good reporting, straight to the point and super quick on the ***breaking*** stuff.

Vox: Then I head to Vox, which “explains the news,” and hell yeah, it does exactly that. Despite the fact that it’s mostly US news, Vox’s articles are super interesting, and usually help me decode the headlines I’ve just read over at BBC.

RNZ: This is the only place I get NZ news - and to be honest I don’t read it as much as I should. But it’s a great App, and great reporting.

Vice: I love vice news and the app is SO GOOD. The Vice network includes some of my other fave sites like iD (fashion and culture), Broadly (feminism), Noisey (music), Motherboard (technology), and lots of other news sites, and they’re all combined into one brilliant feed.

All the Vice Channels

All the Vice Channels

Vulture: Vulture rocks for all culture news. It talks about all your fave T.V shows, all the award ceremonies, books, new music - everything pop culture. It’s seriously classy too. And really good reporting. 

Mashable: Entertainment news. Not the most aesthetically pleasing page, but when I need a break from all the bad shit going on in the world, I go here. It’s got a lot of funny news, and lots of stuff about The Office, which I’m into. 

The Cut: Run by the New York Times, the Cut is seriously interesting reporting. I reckon it’s directed at women, which is fine by me, and my favourite segment is totally “The Sex Diaries.”

Quartz Brief: This App is so smart. You click on it and get sent straight to a screen that looks like iMessage, and the news is sent to you as if it’s a text. You probably guessed by the medium used to get the news to you, that this is technology/futuristic news. It’s a really fun way to read it.

If you click “anything else” it will give you a new story, or if you click the other option (here it’s a black hole), it will tell you more about the same story.

If you click “anything else” it will give you a new story, or if you click the other option (here it’s a black hole), it will tell you more about the same story.

The Stuff Daily Quiz: I don’t read Stuff, but I have the App purely for the quiz. It’s so fun, makes you learn about current events/general knowledge and comes out morning and afternoon. It’s also a great way to bond with your workmates. 

Honourable mentions:

Twitter: I actually find the “What’s Happening” page on Twitter pretty good for news, especially to know what stores people are really talking about.

The High Low (podcast): Seriously, Dolly and Pandora with their ASMR-like voices will make you WANT to listen to their Society and Culture news.

Shameless (podcast): Rubes and Liv have just put me on to this one - and I have to say, after listening to a few episodes, I’m bloody hooked. This one is another society and culture one, for “Smart women who like dumb stuff.”

The Spinoff Daily Bulletin: I love this because it’s sent straight to your email inbox at 7am every morning. However, I find myself deleting it most days - which I shouldn’t, because on the days that I do read it - it’s really bloody good. Interesting reporting on New Zealand news. 

I try to read the news headlines once a day, usually in the morning, but some days it doesn’t happen, coz I’m human! I really do suggest trying to set aside some time each day to catch up with what’s going on in the world, you’ll feel surprisingly good about yourself if you do. 

But if you still cant’t be bothered, or really just don’t have time, we try and put up some of the best headlines every day over on the Shit You Should Care About Instagram story - so if all else fails, just head over there where we’ve done the work for ya. 

Thank me later, geniuses x

Luce x