Shit You Should Care About … This Blog.

A bit about me:  

In a nutshell, I spend about 99% of my time thinking about food, I’m an absolute coffee fiend (“coconut milk flat white please”), and I love a good psychological thriller. I have a shopping addiction that is rudely prohibiting my ability to save, and I have already picked out a name for my future English Bulldog.

Also… I’m scared shitless of what people think about me.

Does anyone ever feel like they’re in the middle of a pre-life crisis where you are trying to figure out who the hell you are as a person while simultaneously trying to please everybody and fit in? Yeah, that’s where I am at at the moment and damn it’s exhausting. I’ve put myself in this oppressive little box, too scared to put a toe out of line in case somebody might not like it. But guys that ain’t living!!! 

As fricken cool as this blog is going to be for everyone who reads it, this is also an outlet for me. A platform to productively indulge in something that actually stimulates my brain, gets me both excited and riled up, and the chance to explore topics I am passionate about.

And yeah, I’m bloody terrified to put my own work out there, free for anybody to scrutinise and place judgement. I won’t even let my friends read my uni essays because I’m too embarrassed. But it’s all a learning process and I hope you come along for the ride. It might be a shitshow but judge away because I’m done caring. This idea is fucking cool and I’m bloody excited to be a part of it!!!!

A bit about the blog:

To put it simply – we are three girls with A LOT of opinions about a lot of things. And it’s about damn time we start sharing some of the shit that we have to say. So why not create a wee hub where we can discuss all of the crazy happenings in the world right now and try to make sense of them as if we are qualified to do so (we are not btw).

And we get it – uni/school/work or just life in general can be exhausting. Sifting through hordes of news articles that just don’t make sense and use really big words is the last thing you want to do after a long day. It makes it really freaking hard to keep up. So why not just sit back and let us do it for you? We shall bring you what we deem important in our own witty, unorthodox and blatantly unprofessional way.

There will be some hard-hitting pieces because we all want a bit of social justice, but you can also expect some lighter articles, because that shit’s important too.

And damn, working alongside the quick-witted, future female president Lucy Blakiston and the creative genius that is Olivia Mercer really intimidates me at times, but all the better for you guys. You better believe that whatever shit they have to say you are going to want to care about.

 So, buckle up…

This shitshow is going to be epic!!!

Love Rubes