Shit You Should Care About…. Trusting your gut

Your most important body part is your gut, and I’m not just saying that as a girl who is prone to upset stomachs.  

For the brief moment that you are indulging yourself in my words (pun count: 1), I want you to separate your physical gut (think, a sore tummy), from your mental gut (your gut feelings) and focus on the latter.

Your gut is the thing you should trust the most, not least because it tells you when to make a swift exit to the nearest toilet after a dodgy flat dinner, but because those often annoying but usually on-the-mark gut feelings are literally your body’s very own Magic 8-Ball. (We’ll get to this later.)

And believe me, just like everything else in life, learning to trust it takes time and effort.

So, grab a kombucha (great for gut health!) and get ready to digest (pun count: 2),  a few of the sometimes embarrassing and most-times eerie stories, that taught me to listen to my intuition, and why you should too.

**Just a disclaimer, you’re probably not going to learn much from these stories, but you’ll be reading a few creepy intuition moments that I think are pretty interesting so stick with me PLEASE.**

A few weeks ago, me and my (now personified) intuition had a couple of unprecedented run-ins, run-ins that have compelled me to write this piece.


The supermarket incident

First off: the supermarket incident. So there I was, making a guilty supermarket run for things I really didn’t need, looking like pure trash(as you do during one of these tragic supo missions.) On the way there I thought to myself “fuck, I bet I’ll see *****,” (a dude I had/have a mad crush on, and who I’d been putting some groundwork in on the weekend before.) After ignoring the alarm bells of my intuition I went all-guns-blazing into the store and sure enough, while browsing the potatoes, I sensed the presence of (a particularly handsome) someone hovering above me. Now, I had two options  – to say hi and do what any normal human would do, or to hide in the cleaning products section of the tiny metropolitan supermarket in the hopes that no normal boy would enter that aisle. You can guess what one I chose. And, while I was standing there  pretending to give a shit about the extensive selection of dishwashing liquid, all I could think about was how this stupid self-hostage situation could have been avoided if I just trusted my gut and either a) avoided the supermarket or b) trusted my instincts that I might see ****, and prepared myself to act like a normal human.

The rugby pick–up

The other two events that week weren’t quite as cringe, but were instinct fuelled all the same. One night lying in bed I was simply thinking about how at my nannying job I have never had to pick up the kids from rugby practise – I’d only ever dropped them off. This then led me to have a minor stress about the fact that if I ever had to pick them up, I would have to both park the monster car I’m required to drive AND reverse it (two things I avoid doing at all costs.) I truly had absolutely no reason to be thinking about this, especially late on a Wednesday night, but sure enough (and creepily enough) the next day I got a call from the mum of the family I work for saying that this week I would have to do the rugby practise pick up, just as I had predicted. And I was SHOOK.

A friend in need

The last event was simply the type of gut feeling you get when you know a friend isn’t doing too well. To put it quickly (I’m aware that you’ve been reading for a while now), I hadn’t heard from someone who I was expecting to hear from, and my gut was telling me that something was wrong with them. After flicking them a message and not getting a reply for ages, they finally responded and I was right. In that moment, they weren’t okay, and my gut told me so.

And this week of too-close-for-comfort situations drove me to my intuition trusting epiphany. I came home, lay on my bed and ranted to Liv about how often I try to push aside my intuition, wondering why I do it, and deciding to stop. From now on I was giving my intuition the recognition it warrants.

But that isn’t to say that this newfound appreciation for gut feelings is new – it’s actually been a long time coming. When I was little my mum always used to tell me that she thought I was a low-key psychic, because I could guess Christmas presents without a clue, and had a knack for calling out events before they were even properly on the cards i.e. family holidays or awards at school. And there really has never been any getting past me.

So, as you all know by now – I’m a self-proclaimed gut guru. And this gut guru is going to give you a quick and exciting lesson on how to decipher your decisions.


Your intuition is your body’s own personal Magic 8-Ball

Told you I’d get back to this! Now, this is probably the best metaphor I’ve ever coined. Your intuition is literally your body’s very own Magic 8-Ball. Let me explain.

First, something shakes you up (an event, a new person, something unexpected) and then you are expected to respond to this. You may be feeling super alone in making your next decision but, you’re wrong. Your intuition is always there if you choose to listen to it.

After being shaken, and realising that you need to make a decision, there are a number of different options provided to you by your body’s Magic 8-ball, some choices good, some not so good. Your intuition will point you in the right direction, and you get to choose whether to follow it or not. And just like the Magic 8-Ball, your magic gut is usually right.

Decoding your Magic 8-Ball: what does it all mean?

Let me make this even easier to understand (I know, you probably didn’t think it was possible.)

In a standard Magic 8-ball there are 20 possible responses, so I’m going to help you navigate how each 8-ball response aligns with your gut.

  1. It Is Certain: Gut says yes. Do it

  2. My Reply Is No: Gut says no. Don’t do it.

  3. Ask Again Later: Your intuition is on smoko for the time being, better hold off on the decision making and think about it again later.

  4. Better Not Tell You Now: Whatever situation you’re currently in is NOT suitable for you to hear what your intuition has to say. You are not going to like it and it may result in an embarrassing meltdown. But, when you get home think about it again, and everything will be clear.

  5. Without A Doubt: Gut says yes. Do it

  6. My Sources Say No: Your intuition been doing some consulting. After racking through your all those dusty memory books that are stored in your brain (does anyone else remember that Spongebob episode?), your gut has decided that no – you shouldn’t do the thing.

  7. Concentrate and Ask Again: You aren’t thinking straight. Try and focus on your surroundings, and really asses how you feel. It will become clear.

  8. Don’t Count On It: Gut says no. Just don’t do it.

  9. It Is Decidedly So: This one took a bit more considering, but you should go for it.

  10. Most Likely: Your gut is 90% sure that you should do the thing. You can decide whether to accept the 10% risk factor.

  11. Outlook Good: Without fully knowing the outcome, your gut has decided that if you play your cards right, this decision could go well for you.

  12. Outlook Not So Good: Without fully knowing the outcome, your gut has decided that even if you play your cards right, this decision might not go well for you.

  13. Yes – Definitely: Gut says yes. Definitely do it.

  14. As I See It, Yes: From the information that you’ve given your gut i.e your memories, your relationships, and your current situation, your intuition is telling you to go for it. ***Your gut, however has not taken into account those things that are suppressed so deeply within you, that you are not addressing, and cannot be seen.

  15. Cannot Predict Now: Your intuition has taken another smoko break (but cmon, it’s been working it’s ass off.) Regardless, you better hold off on making this decision and think about it again later.

  16. Reply Hazy Try Again: Again, you aren’t thinking straight. Try and focus on your surroundings, and really asses how you feel. It will become clear.

  17. Signs Point to Yes: Your intuition is getting all spiritual up in here. BUT, everything surrounding you, and all moments that have lead you to this situation are insinuating that this decision is a good idea.

  18. Very Doubtful: Your gut doesn’t want to give you a straight out “don’t do it,” but you must be weary.

  19. Yes: Gut says yes. Do it

  20. You May Rely On It: Your intuition says that you can rely on this decision. However, do not forget that we also rely on cars (that break down), wifi (that cuts out), and friends (who are often late.) So, do it, but be slightly wary.

Now that you’re all gut guru’s, there is one more thing to be wary of: confusing intuition with impulse

I must admit that I’m guilty of deliberately “confusing” intuition with impulse. For example, when I say “I’m not feeling this lecture – my intuition is begging me not to go,” I can assure you that it’s definitely not my intuition talking. It’s me being down right lazy.  Or when I fool myself into thinking that it’s my intuition’s fault that I’m sitting here eating a glutinous brownie, when really I’ve impulsively decided that it’s going to help my writing (it’s not), all I’m truly left with is a sore gut. That’s what I get for ignoring my intuition I guess.

Or, is it all just emotional intelligence?

Now that I’m older, I’ve (somewhat regrettably) swallowed my pride (pun count: 3) and accepted that my so called psychic ability could actually just be emotional intelligence, or a whack ability to read people and situations like a picture book. But it’s so much more fun to assume that I, Lucy Blakiston can in-fact predict the future. And I also really wanted to use my Magic 8-Ball metaphor – so let me LIVE. 

But, if after all this your intuition is telling you that I’m full of shit then by all means, discard your Magic 8-Ball.

But FYI, that’ll be 8 years of bad luck (and that’s a fact – not a feeling.)

Luce xx